Hamlet Crow - Comics #1

Hamlet Crow ⁃ Upside Down Forest

Hamlet Crow - Upside Down Hamlet and Bill, each peeking out of the leaf-covered floor and ceiling of a forest, no one knows where up or down is. Hamlet to Bill: ‘Who's upside down? well one of us has to fall out eventually!’

Hamlet Crow and his best friend Bill the lizard are in a dense forest, with leaves all around, there are leaves above, and leaves below, but who is above? and who is below ? Hamlet Crow has the solution to the question.

He'll probably still fall out even if he's right-side up.

Nice, simple and a bit surreal, that's how I want most of the Hamlet comics to be.

Though it's probably been years since I've actually sat down and watched it, I like the stylized forest backgrounds in Sleeping Beauty,( Disney ) and hopefully I can make similar backgrounds in my comics one day.

It's possible to draw every individual leaf without it distracting the eye too much; like a nice pattern of shapes that stays out of the way, but I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off, so most of the leaf shapes here are just suggested by sharp pointy outlines.