Hamlet Crow - Comics #3

Hamlet Crow Comics - Rating Clouds with Bill #2

Hamlet Crow - Clouds 02 'jeez, no need to open the flood gates' says Bill. 'Some actors cry over every critic.' says Hamlet, as rain clouds gather in the sky around them.

Now Hamlet Crow and Bill the lizard are getting wet, it is raining, "No need to open the floodgates" says Bill..Hamlet replies "Some actors cry over every critic"

The tears could very well be part of the act too now that I think about it. Snow would be some kind of unknown emotion to us humans and animals, only felt by clouds and snow guns.

Bill's tail is reaaally short in this one, 'cause it probably should be able wrap to around the branch at least once usually.

I kind of messed up the long rain lines effect, but I'll probably try it again someday, it's worth a shot. Turns out skies are a bit complicated, huh? Though I do like how the messy cloud shading turned out, especially the ones that don't even have outlines.