Hamlet Crow - About

A short history of Hamlet Crow

I've been drawing since I was young enough to hold a pen, and Hamlet's been around for not quite as long, but still pretty long.

I've had drawings and doodles of him around ever since. He's gone through a few slightly different looks, nothing major!

For example, he originally had legs connecting his feet to his body, like any self-respecting limbed organism. However, time and budget constraints chipped away at them, literally. But really, half the time the legs were hidden behind a bunch of feathers in some way or another, and Hamlet's whole body is kind of based on my interpreation of crows as seen from over ten meters away on trees; all pointy and black, so legs were pretty much a needless detail.

Also it looks weird and every character needs some of that!

Crows aren't the only thing around! currently there's a bunch of types of birds and a few other animals around here to use as reference, so I won't be running out of critters to draw anytime soon! Now if they could just hold still enough so I can draw and take photos of...

Bill was made because kid-me felt bad making Hamlet just talk to floating leaves that might not even be alive! Bill also had a wayy more lizardey snout, before it became just a big green blob. But everyone loves big blob noses in cartoons, so no harm done.

As for what else you can expect: better jokes, better stories, and better art as I improve. And occasional weird nonsense ideas maybe too, who knows!