Hamlet Crow - Comics #10

Hamlet Crow Comics - Bill's Skin #5

Hamlet Crow - Upside Down panel 1: Hamlet, carrying Bill's skin, finds Bill lying on top of a rock.'Bill! You gotta help me! Something's wrong with Bi—' Hamlet interrupts his own sentence, Bill jumps in surprise. panel 2: Hamlet stares at Bill's skin that he's holding by the head. panel 3: He then stares at Bill, who landed painfully on his midsection on the edge of the rock, and doesn't seem to pleased at Hamlet. panel 4: 'I had a nightmare like this once', says Hamlet, wall-eyed from the entire situation; Bill in the background cracks his back into shape.

Hamlet Crow ( who thinks that his friend Bill's "shed skin" is really Bill..but really dried out and deboned ) has tried everything to revive his friend..Hamlet has taken him to be "rehydrated", fed him, nothing has worked..Then he spots his friend Bill on a rock,"Bill, help me , something is wrong with..." and then Hamlet crow stops..looks at Billskin in his arms, looks at Bill lounging on the rock..Finally ( as Bill gets up from the rock, stretching himself ) Hamlet says "I had a nightmare like this once"..

If you haven't noticed, Hamlet's spent at least half a day running around with a pile of dead skin, while Bill's just been enjoying the sunset. As a kid I had one or two nightmares about people having doppelgangers, and it was a little freaky at the time, so I can see where Hamlet's coming from here.

Boy, this one was kinda hard to fit in four panels, and I really didn't want to just have three, 'cause you wouldn't get to appreciate Hamlet's reaction! Look at em, look at all the time I put into those, every frame like a face on the sistine chapel. Also I had to mess around with the angles of the poses and the panels, even had to flip the two middle drawings at one point, but in the end I'd say it was worth it.

I'll leave it to others to decide on wether this is the exact same rock Bill was resting on in the beginning of the story... wouldn't want to cause rifts in the controversial Hamlet Crow rock canon.