Hamlet Crow - Comics #6

Hamlet Crow Comics - Bill's Skin #1

Hamlet Crow - Bill's Skin 01 Panel 1: Hamlet pats a very unhealthy-looking Bill the Lizard on his back. 'Hey pal, how's it doing?' Panel 2: Bill falls, or rather crumples face-first onto the ground, to Hamlet's shock. Panel 3: Hamlet runs while carrying Bill in his arms 'Help! My buddy's dry and deboned!'. Meanwhile, the true Bill Lizard lazily sees the whole thing unfold from atop a rock and thinks outloud 'Gotta tell MY buddy about skin shedding one day...'

Hamlet Crow greets his best friend Bill the lizard. "Hi Pal, how is it doing" and slaps him on the back.. But what Hamlet doesnt realise is that Bill ( like all lizards ) has shed his skin, and it is the "Billskin" that Hamlet is talking to..Hamlet panics , he thinks his friend is dried out and deboned, he grabs the "Billskin" and runs with it for help, crying out "Help, my buddy's dry and deboned !"...Bill, watching the scene from a nearby rock, amused, says "Gotta tell my buddy about skin shedding someday"..

Boy that's a little gruesome…

It's been a while since I've seen lizard skins or reptile skins just lying around, but hopefully it looks the part in the gags for this story? I'm not sure how Bill managed to shed his skin so neatly as to leave behind an almost perfect shape of himself, but maybe that's just an innate talent. That big rock was a lot of fun to get right, lot's of angles to shade, all in such a pleasant earthy-pink tone!