Hamlet Crow - Comics #4

Hamlet Crow Comics - Rating Clouds with Bill #3

Hamlet Crow - Clouds 03 panel 1: Hamlet says 'Seriously it can cry all it wants, that was an awful performance, 3/10', as Bill points to a huge dark rainy cloud coming towards them them. panel2: they both look up as the cloud is not directly above and shrouds them in darkness. A low, quiet rumbling thunder can be felt. panel 3: lightning! panel 4: Hamlet, Bill and even the part of the tree they were on are smoking and burned. 'I think it... would've... liked some... constructive... criticism...' Bill says, torn and tattered. Hamlet's lying next to him, his feathers roasted off.

The sky is dark, it is raining hard, Bill the lizard looks to the rolling clouds aprehensively, but Hamlet Crow keeps up the criticism of the sky's "performance"."Seriously, it can cry all it wants, that was an awfull performance..Suddenly the rain stops, the atmosphere is electric, then .."Crackkkk!!" a huge bolt of lightning descends..The sky has replied to Hamlet Crow..The story closes with Hamlet "roasted", and a stunned Bill the lizard says "I think it would have liked some constructive criticism".

Of course Bill's the first one to notice that the "Rating Game" is about to bite them in the butt. Does that look like an angry cloud? I like to think it does, though I might be biased.
That lightning framed in a lightning bolt shape was something I thought was really clever at the time, and I still like it honestly. This was one of those times where I really wanted to avoid sound effects, just trying to convey all the BRMLBR and KRA-CHAW and whatnot with pictures.
Panel four was going to have lightning bolt scars going down Bill's back until I noticed "Wow hey woops that looks a lot like blood, let's tone that down a notch huh.. wow". I think Bill's skin, looking like it exploded, and Hamlet looking ready for dinner, conveys their pain just fine like this.