Hamlet Crow - Comics #5

Hamlet Crow Comics - Rating Clouds with Bill #4

Hamlet Crow - Clouds 04 Single panel: Black silouhettes of Hamlet and Bill walking around on the tree branch, grasping at the thick grayish fog all around them. 'Wow, it's like I can almost touch the art! Incredible tactile feedback!' says Bill, 'An up close and personal experience! Highyl immersive! Ten out of ten!' says Hamlet, unwittingly about to walk right off the branch.

It is still raining hard, but "our heros" have learned their lesson, now their "ratings" are entirely complementary, "Wow! I can almost touch the art".."Incredible tactile feedback !".. "Highly immersive!" .."10 out of 10!"

Cool Comic Trick: print this comic out and wrap it around your eyes like a blindfold for ~Maxium Immersion~ !

The change in hue from beige to blue (←quality rhyming right here ) in the top and bottom of the comic is something I'm glad I added. Just plain ol' gray fog wouldn't look as cool, for as cool as fog can look I guess.

I just realized that small branch on the right is supposed to be way higher up on the trunk! Guess my brain's also being foggy.

Not sure how well weird cross-hatching conveys silhouettes in fog, maybe it's better left for ones seen through the smoke of a forest fire? I'll have to try that out one day...