Hamlet Crow - Comics #2

Hamlet Crow ⁃ rating clouds with Bill #1

Hamlet Crow - Clouds 01 panel 1: Hamlet, from a tree branch, is staring into the sky and calling out ratings and numbers, '6 out of 10', '4 out of 10', 'Nice! 8 out of 10'. ‘Uhh, what are you doing?' Bill asks from the ground. panel 2: Cut to Bill being hoisted by Hamlet after having already climbed most of the tree. Hamlet says 'Rating clouds, come on up!', to which Bill goes 'What??'. panel 3: They keep talking as clouds fly by of various shapes and sizes: 'Look at that three-legged dog! just awful! 3 out of 10', 'That Venus deMilo is really good though!', '9 out of 10!' 'Not a bad map of Portugal, 5 out of 10' 'Good Goofy head, 6 out of 10'.

The story begins..Bill the lizard finds his friend Hamlet Crow looking at clouds, what does Hamlet see? what does he think of them ? Hamlet rating clouds ! A cloud that looks like "a three legged dog" he rates 3 out of 10! A cloud that looks like "Venus de Milo" he rates 9 out of 10! A cloud that looks like "not a bad map of Portugal" he rates 5 out of 10!...

Ninety percent of all clouds look like Goofy anyway, so that's not exactly special.

There's something relaxing about drawing all those wriggly voluminous clouds. And shading the inside to look just as cloudy, was fun too. Though getting the clouds to look and feel like what Hamlet and Bill say they look like,( but in a cloudy, you-see-what-you-want-to-see sorta way ) was kinda tough the first few times I tried it, but at some point the approach just sort of clicked, I guess?

That bright cyan sky colour used for the middle panel makes no sense and is purely there to make the panel "pop" a bit more.