Hamlet Crow - Comics #9

Hamlet Crow Comics - Bill's Skin #4

Hamlet Crow - Bill's Skin 04 Panel 1:'Maan, you look like you could use a bite to eat', says hamlet, tugging on Billskin's loose emaciated body, as the two stand under the shade of an apple tree. Panel 2: Transition through a waterfall of apples. Panel 3: Billskin is now filled with apples, and like an empty bag they all fill up his lower half most, to which Hamlet remarks 'Wow, those go right to your hips...', shortly before one last apple loosens from the tree and falls on his head.

Hamlet Crow ( who thinks that his friend Bill's "shed skin" is really Bill..but really dried out and deboned ) has taken "Billskin" to a stream to "rehydrate"..But "Billskin" has leaked causing Hamlet to panic, so ..Hamlet Crow now tries feeding "Billskin" ..But when Hamlet Crow feeds "Billskin" apples.."Wow, those go right to your hips.." says Hamlet..

How Hamlet got all the apples off the tree, is a secret only known by him and Billskin, and Billskin ain't talkin.

Also that would've probably been too many frames, ( showing how he did it ) to fit into the comic without looking way too busy and distracting, and comic transitions are kinda fun to make up anyway! For a while I was going to have Hamlet feed him stuff from a trash can, but that didn't just clutter up the floor but also the comic, then I tried having Hamlet steal food from a picnic off-screen, which didn't look right either and took too long to explain through the comic strip, so eventually I stuck to keeping it all happening in the wild, or as wild as an apple tree can get.