Hamlet Crow

Hamlet Crow, what's he up to anyway?

Hamlet Crow, a bird somehow named after a fictional Danish prince, spends every day on the same tree, watching the world go by, often with Bill the lizard, and sometimes with his more night-owlish friend, Nosfra (a bat, not an actual owl, as that would be silly).

But, as time goes on, Hamlet'll inevitably stray from the tree, and explore new places and meet new people... Or maybe the dumb bird'll just start talking to leaves floating in the wind.

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If it's your first time and you want to learn all Hamlet Crow lore (if you find any hamlet Crow lore then you're a better person than I).

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If you just want the latest in heart-pounding bird-watching action (who can blame you?).

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If you want to know all the *****sordid**** details of these chuckleheads, like that time Bill was caught trying to read a dinosaur book upside down (he was halfway through before anyone noticed).