Hamlet Crow - Animations

Mostly short GIFs done when I was eight years old.

Hamlet Crow GIFs 1

CROW1 Hamlet Crow, on his branch, waving at the viewer. This one's the first animations I ever did of Hamlet, and quite likely my first animation full stop..? I remember having such a hard time learning how to do these as a kid; I'd rack my brains trying to fix parts of the drawings that were flickering when they should've stayed still, or trying to figure out how to duplicate a frame.

CROW2 Hamlet licking his lips (that he probably shouldn't have!) as he gulps down incoming flies. Found this one with the filename of "CROW2" so, putting two and two together, I guess it's the second ever Hamlet animation. These days I don't picture him being too keen on squishy living things, but back then he'd eat any old bug or worm. He also used to have a nest, I guess?

CROW3 Hamlet looking at a leaf falling down from the tree. Also Hamlet used to have actual legs connecting to his feet! Why the change? Artistic stylisation or just lazyness? I'll let you decide.

CROW4 Hamlet in his nest, zapping through tv channels while eating popcorn. There's that nest again. maybe I shoud bring it back... It's kind of hard to see in this gif animation, but he's got a remote that he's zapping through the channels on the tv (seen from the side as the dark rectangle to the right). It's even got a small electric spark coming out of it when it zaps, 'cause that's what you want to see your remote doing!

CROW5 Hamlet licking a lollipop. That is a meticulously animated tongue, I gotta say. It's even got some ‘‘shading’’, and yeah those quotation marks are very judgemental.

CROW6 Hamlet Crow and an early, tiny Bill Lizard partying in the nest. Hamlet partying like nobody's business, waving around a crude... ratchet (aka noisemaker, gragger (thanks wikipedia))? Look I've never seen the things in my life outside of cartoons when a was a kid, give me a break. I'm not sure what's making the party hat inflate and deflate, maybe the party horn air's coming out of his ears? Air in air out I suppose. Oh hey, an early sighting of the lizard! Man he was tiny back then. Maybe he was almost like a pet? Also check out that quality tail animation... I'm still figuring out flowing animations for things like tails to this day honestly.

Hamlet Crow GIFs 1