Hamlet Crow - Comics #7

Hamlet Crow Comics - Bill's Skin #2

Hamlet Crow - Bill's Skin 02 Panel 1: Hamlet brings Bill, in actuality Bill's lifelike moulted skin, to a river bed. 'Maybe you're just... dehydrated, huh, buddy?' asks Hamlet to the lifeless Bill. Panel 2: A bit forecefully, Hamlet brings Bill down to the water. 'Drink as much as you need, ok?' As the water starts flowing into Bill-Skin's mouth. Panel 3. And the water flowing, with Hamlet starting to look a bit worried... Panel 4: 'Uhh... say when...' Says Hamlet, no longer holding Bill-Skin to the water's level, as the lifeless Bill-Skin is now flat on the ground, with water still pouring in, and turning into a giant bulbous bag of water

Hamlet Crow ( who thinks that his friend Bill's "shed skin" is really Bill..but really dried out and deboned ) takes "Billskin" to a stream for a drink to "rehydrate".."Billskin" seems to be really thirsty.."Uhhh, say "when..." says Hamlet Crow..

Don't ever let Hamlet rehydrate an actual living being. Well, that looks enough like water, but I personally wouldn't wanna drink from it. Guess I'll have to work on my shallow water stream drawings, which is good 'cause I'm planning on replacing every character in Hamlet Crow with a shallow water stream. It's going to revolutionise the comic world.. trust me. If that doesn't pan out then at least I'll know how to draw a dang stream.