Hamlet Crow - Comics #8

Hamlet Crow Comics - Bill's Skin #3

Hamlet Crow - Bill's Skin 03 panel 1: Bill's lifelike skin molt has been filed with water in a vain attempt to 'quench his thirst' by Hamlet. 'There! Feel better?' asks the latter, expecting his assumed-friend to answer. panel 2: 'PSSHH!' 'Oh!' 'PSSHHH!' 'OH!!' 'PSSH!' 'Oh no!!' 'PSHH!' Small jets of water start perforating Bill-skin to Hamlet's shock and terror! panel 3: Hamlet hugs his friend tight, maybe hoping to stop the leaks, and shouts 'HELP MY BEST FRIEND IS LEAKING' as a mildly weirded-out doe drinks from the river bed next to him.

Hamlet Crow ( who thinks that his friend Bill's "shed skin" is really Bill..but terribly dried out and deboned ) has taken "Billskin" to a stream for a drink to "rehydrate".."Skin Bill" seemed to be really thirsty and has "drunk" a lot of water, he is now like a water filled "Bill" shaped balloon on the bank..Just when Hamlet thinks that "Billskin" feels better, "Billskin" starts to spring leaks..a horrified Hamlet shouts to a deer who is drinking nearby.."Help..my best friend is leaking !"..

Please don't shout your problems at random animals, they're trying to drink here.

As this comic goes on it's getting harder and harder to stop Bill-skin from looking creepy. I mean, this is dead skin shaped like a humanoid cartoon character, that's now filled with water and all inflated and soggy... I'm surprised Hamlet's not taking this worse to be honest. Award for taking it best goes to the doe, though. She just wants to drink in peace.

Speaking of the water, it, and the scenery look even sketchier in this one! Could it be because what's happening to the characters requires even more attention than last time? Or that I'm getting lazy with this scene? I guess no one will ever know.