Hamlet Crow - Animations

Mostly short GIFs done when I was eight years old.

Crow Story (Short GIF)

CROW STORY Hamlet, standing happily on his branch, spots something in the distance. He rummages through his pockets, fishing out a lollipop, a yo-yo, a cell phone and even a magician's rabbit, but eventually finds a telescope. With it he spots a worm wriggling out of the earth. He countsdown like a race car then takes off flying towards the worm. The worm turns around and sees hamlet flying through the air, right at him, over houses and gardens and dogs shooting cats. The worm slithers away at lightning speed, terrified and surprised. He slithers by a skateboarding shop and gets an idea. Hamlet lands at the shop too but can't find the worm, until he hears it whistling, and it blows a raspberry right at him. He shoots off at the worm again, but this time the worm has a skateboard to get away from him. And that's the abrupt end of the animation! And here's the first animated short I've ever... Is it long enough to be considered a short? anyway, it's mine, and I've done it, though never really completed because... I honestly made it up as I went along and had no idea where to go from the skateboard part!

The freeze-frame of Hamlet flying towards the worm was a complete accident where I just kept merging duplicate frames in Jasc Animation Shop, without realising it was adding up the frame rate everytime, so in the end I had this one frame with such a low framerate, that it stays on-screen for a full second! I'm just as shocked as you are that I even knew how to operate a computer! Check out the horrible display of violence in the background as that dog just stone-cold shoots a cat. I've got no idea what that was about after all these years, but it's there, for your viewing pleasure.

These days I'd probably draw a worm that didn't just look like a weird pink version of the lizard, maybe to give him a face based more on a real worm, with a round mouth at the tip, and maybe even no eyes! Or perhaps I can keep the schnoz, but just make it look more unique and flabby, maybe some dot eyes at most? The world is full of possibilities.

Crow Story (Short GIF)