Hamlet Crow - Animations

Mostly short GIFs done when I was eight years old.

Hamlet Crow GIFs 2

CROW 7 Hamlet playing a big drum. I added the grass in after I drew the whole animation, and had to redraw it every frame. Somehow it ended up giving a nice rythm along with the drum banging?

CROW 8 Hamlet in a cart, bouncing over bumpy ground. He'd probably not be that enthused about bumping around in a cart nowadays. Also back then I had no idea how to make skies look bright, other than go for the most neon cyan I could find!

CROW 9 Hamlet flying and holding a worm in his feet. A valiant first effort at flying. Well, animating a bird flying. Poor guy can't even move his wings any lower than that! At least he's got himself a worm (another thing he'd probably not want to chow down on these days...).

CROW 11 A really happy Hamlet walking through a hill surrounded by flowers and butterflies. I think I made this with a spongebob animation in mind, where he was just walking on a road looping hilly road, doing all kinds of weird animations. Hamlet on the other hand's barely moving! The only thing moving are his f... Oh god are those multiple toes on his feet, instead of ambiguous slipper-looking things? That's just weird.

CROW 12 Hamlet sleeping in a crescent moon on a starry night. Some of these look like they were made for an early 90s blog. I can just picture a sleeping hamlet flanked by two "Under Construction" images. But seriously, this little gif is fine, everything works just as it should, even some of the stars twinkle! Also I think I remember using the text tool to make every single ‘Z’, for each frame. I really could've just drawn them, honestly! Oh well, 20/20 hindsight.

CROW REMEMBER Crows, one of them might be Hamlet, mourning at a grave labelled 'crow story, the unknown crow Now this sad little one is In Memoriam (that's ‘In Memory’, for all you non-tombstone-afficionados) of another animation, Crow Story, that I think got destroyed by... I dunno a goblin got in the computer maybe? It was a long long time ago ok. Also there's still a version of Crow Story I've got lying around that, honestly, seems to be exactly what I had in mind when I made it at the time... Not sure why eight year old me thought there was a great loss... Maybe I lost about 8 frames of animation looped over and over, and it broke my little heart. Wouldn't surprise me! Neither does writing "unown" on the tombstone.

Hamlet Crow GIFs 2